Published Research

Recent Publications:

Prof. Ephraim Clark

  1. With Sélima Baccar, “Modelling credit spreads with time volatility, skewness and kurtosis”, ANNALS OF OPERATIONS RESEARCH. (forthcoming).
  2.  With Konstantino Kassimatis, “Macroeconomic Effects on Emerging-Markets Sovereign Credit Spreads”, JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL STABILITY (forthcoming).
  3. With Zhuo Qiao and Wing-Keung Wong, (forthcoming), “Theories of risk: Testing investor behaviour on the Taiwan stock and stock index futures markets”, ECONOMIC INQUIRY, (forthcoming).
  4. With Y. Belghitar, “Managerial incentives and investment related agency costs”, INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF FINANCIAL ANALYSIS, (forthcoming).
  5. With Abubakr Saeed , Professor Yacine Belghitar, “Do political connections affect firm performance? Evidence from a developing country”, EMERGING MARKETS, FINANCE AND TRADE. (forthcoming).
  6. With Y. Belghitar and N. Deshmukh, “Does it pay to be ethical? Evidence from the FTSE4Good”, JOURNAL OF BANKING AND FINANCE, Vol 47, October (2014), pp. 54-62.
  7. With O. Jokung, “The role of regulatory credibility in effective bank regulation”, JOURNAL OF BANKING AND FINANCE, (online 20 March 2014).
  8. With K. Kassimatis, “Exploiting stochastic dominance to generate abnormal stock returns”, JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL MARKETS, Vol 20, September (2014), pp. 20-38.
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  16. With Y. Belghitar and A. Saeed, “Political Connections and Leverage: Firm level Evidence from Pakistan”, MANAGERIAL AND DECISION ECONOMICS, (forthcoming).
  17. With Y. Belghitar, and A. Saeed, “Theoretical motives of corporate cash holdings and political connections: firm level evidence from a developing economy”, INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF APPLIED ECONOMICS, (forthcoming).
  18. With Y. Belghitar, “The Effect of CEO Risk Appetite on Firm Volatility: An Empirical Analysis of Financial Firms”, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THE ECONOMICS OF BUSINESS, Vol. 19 (2) 2012 pp 195-211.

Dr Sina Badreddine

  1. Badreddine, S., (with Galariotis, E., and Holmes, P.,) “The relevance of information and trading costs in explaining momentum profits: Evidence from optioned and non-optioned stocks”, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, Vol. 22(3), 2012, pp 589-608.

Dr Nemanja Radić

  1. Radić, N., (2015). Shareholder value creation in Japanese banking. Journal of Banking and Finance, 52, 199–207.
  2. Radić, N., (with Akinci, A., Matousek, R., Stewart, C.,) (2013). Monetary policy and the banking sector in Turkey. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 27, 269–285.
  3. Radić, N., Fiordelisi, F., Girardone, C., (2012). Efficiency and risk-taking in pre-crisis investment banks. Journal of Financial Services Research, 41:81–101.